Donkeys arrived with some of the first settlers on these islands to help start civilisation here in the Azores and have always played a huge role in the culture of the islands for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the donkey population has experienced a severe decline over the past few decades. Just 40 years ago, there were over 2000 donkeys living among the Azores islands; today there are less than 80 in São Miguel. They are more than just an endangered species—they are a crucial piece of history. In providing them with care and rehabilitation, we hope to preserve their role on these islands.

Through our immersive donkey experiences, we hope to share their unique friendliness while while spreading awareness about animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect. We believe that through responsible tourism, we can help guests engage deeply with the Azores and the donkeys, which have been an integral part of the land.

We believe all beings especially the children deserve the opportunity to connect with nature and animals. We offer locals free opportunities to visit us here in Agua D’Alto. We are grateful for the support of travels from all over the world who help us give back to this community.

Hiking Agua de Alto

Donkeys walk at the same speed as humans, about four miles per hour. Movement is essential to their health and well-being; in the wild, they can travel from 10-20 km per day! By going on a 3 km hiking adventure with our donkeys, you are helping them stay healthy while exploring all the grand views of Aqua de Alto, São Miguel. Along the way, you’ll discover a secret path to the beach, get local coffee, and brush up on your Portuguese. Most importantly, you will make a donkey friend for life.

Explore Caloura

Enjoy a 2-hour tour of Caloura, located in the municipality of Lagoa in São Miguel with two of its best tour guides: donkeys Margarita and Pina. The tour will consist of a walk to the fishing port, learning about the flora, fauna, and history. We will then stop for a snack and head to the Cultural Centre, where you will enjoy collections from Portuguese artists at an intimate museum before heading back.

Donkey Care for a Day

If you’ve ever been curious about what a day in the life of a donkey handler is like, this is the perfect experience for you! During this two-hour, hands-on experience, you will help with the maintenance and care that our long-eared friends require daily. Depending on the day, this could include feeding, bath time, medication, mucking out the stalls, grooming, cleaning hooves, and more. The only thing we can guarantee—a lot of laughs and connection with these magical creatures.