Adopt a Donkey,
Have a Friend for Life.

Are you a donkey lover with some land to spare and a heart big enough to care for a new friend?

As much as we love our donkeys, we have limited resources to care for them all. Donkeys and Friends offers adoption opportunities for those willing to take on this wonderful gift and responsibility. Some of our donkeys’ core needs from you are:


Companion animals

Donkeys must be with at least one companion animal. This can either be another donkey, or a horse, goat, or sheep. They do not do well alone.


Space to roam

Donkeys must never be put on a chain. We ask that any potential adoptee have the capacity for free ranging animals.



Donkeys need some sort of shelter to protect them from wind, rain, and summer heat. We ask that all potential adoptees prepare this before their new friend arrives.


Care & Costs

Adopting a donkey requires a commitment to providing them with a high standard of living and well-being. We ask you to consider the costs of vaccination, parasite control, dental care, and routine hoof care (we will help with this).

If this sounds like something that would harmoniously blend into your life, contact us to learn more and meet your new potential friend.