Principles Over profit

Donkeys and Friends is built on a strong foundation of “principles over profit”, giving precedent to the integrity of the project over capital. We believe that operating from this framework is one of the ways that we can build a more compassionate world. However, the costs of caring for and maintaining rescue donkeys do start to pile up, which is why we accept donations of any size towards our passion project.

Donation options

If you have felt the magic of the donkeys yourself, or simply feel called to support our cause, there are five levels of contribution to choose from. 

  • Professional hoof cleaning (every 6 weeks) - $20.00/donkey
  • Vaccinations, parasite control, yearly booster - $44.00/donkey
  • Yearly teeth cleaning - $71.00/donkey
  • Month’s supply of food - $330.00/donkey
  • Free Donation

There is no obligation to choose one of these suggested options. We receive contributions of all sizes. Our donkeys are grateful for any donation your heart feels like sharing!

In addition to helping the donkeys, your donation also contributes to building community and celebrating this beautiful island in the Azores

You can donate using Paypal.
Click here to donate with Paypal.

MBWAY is also available.
Use 926 724 810 for donations.

If  you have any questions, please Contact Us.